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Erişkin Bağlanma Biçimi Ölçeği: Geçerlilik ve Güvenilirlik Çalişmasi. DEVAMI
Bipolar Bozukluk ve Kanser/Bipolar Disorder and Cancer DEVAMI
a comparison before and after using lamotrigine in long term continued treatment: the effect of blood level: P118 DEVAMI
can clinical features determine long term monotherapy lithium response?: P185 DEVAMI
gender specific sexual adverse effects and hormonal variables in bipolar patients: A comparison between lithium, quetiapine and olanzapine: P119 DEVAMI
Is There a Relationship Between Early Menarche and Course of Bipolar Disorder? DEVAMI
The Effect of Delusion Types on Treatment Response in Schizophrenia Spectrum DEVAMI
bipolar disorder in current practice: analysis of a multinational observational study (wave-bd) with Turkish recruitment data*: P18 DEVAMI
İçindekiler/Contents DEVAMI